A program for Energy efficiency in buildings (PEEB)
13 February 2019

Morocco and Tunisia among 5 Mediterranean pilot countries for the PEEB programme

Tunis ((c) F.Dubessy)

The Programme for Energy Efficiency in Buildings (PEEB), set up by the French development agency AFD, the German cooperation agency GIZ and the French energy management agency ADEME and with a budget of €8M, was launched at the COP22 under the aegis of the Global Alliance for Building and Construction. Currently, five pilot countries (Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal, Vietnam and Mexico) are taking part in the initiative, with others, such as Egypt, slated to join.

Since 2018, the PEEB has been providing two levels of technical assistance. The first involves working with the countries to encourage capacity building and strengthen the legal and regulatory framework for making buildings more energy-efficient. This is the role of the GIZ and ADEME. The second, (in partnership with the ADEME and the AFD), involves project support –at the study or implementation phase- to enhance new or renovated buildings’ energy efficiency and environmental impact. The AFD also provides financing solutions for the investment phase.

The aim is to provide support for €1.2bn in investment over the programme’s duration (2017 – 2022).

Among other contributions, France is bringing its expertise in constructing buildings in tropical climates, acquired in its overseas territories, and Mediterranean-style environments. This avoids any duplication of measures or solutions that might be suitable in temperate zones but prove counter-productive in other climates.