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The National Energy Research Center (NERC) has been established in Amman for the purposes of research, development, training in the fields of new and renewable energy and raising the standards of energy use in the different sectors and to promote the utilization of renewable energy in Jordan.

The main goal of NERC is to ensure energy efficiency conditions in the relevant sectors (industry, buildings) and support the relevant market key actors and energy consumers in reducing overall energy consumption.


  • Research and technological Center specialized in RE/EE: it works on developing and implementing research for new energy technologies and technically supporting the market for the penetration and the implementation of these technologies.
  • National Energy Centre: working on energy planning and policy for RE/EE and developing the necessary infrastructure to support the implementation of RE/EE investment projects. In this role, NERC is the official Jordanian government consultant on matters of RE/EE national policy, strategy and planning, carrying out research in development of innovative technologies which are both technically and economically viable and environment friendly;
  • Carry out demonstration and pilot projects within Jordan and within the region through partnerships to promote the above technologies.
  • Provide technological services and advice in the form of specialized know how and information to third parties, supervise the implementation of commercial RE/EE applications in relevant energy projects of the private sector, local authorities, professional associations, etc.
  • Disseminates information on RE/EE technologies organizations and investors.
  • Provides important services to third parties (private investors, companies) and to local authorities, concerning the exploitation of the technical and techno-economic possibilities for the application of RES/ RUE/ES.

Main services

  1. Perform detailed energy audits/ Energy management in buildings.
  2. Laboratory testing of the following appliances:
    1. Air Conditioners
    2. Clothes Washers
    3. Refrigerators
    4. Solar Water Heaters
    5. Lighting
  3. Implementation of energy projects.
  4. Consultancy prior to new investment.
  5. Carry out public awareness through seminars, conferences, exhibitions, leaflets and printed material and a web page ( )
  6. Conduct training courses, seminars and workshops to enhance and develop local skills in the field of energy conservation. The training courses are as follows:
  7. Prepare cost estimates for budget quality, financial analysis and technical reports
  8. Carry out calculations of energy savings and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions
  9. Conduct studies on renewable energy for industry, commercial institutions and the healthcare sector
  10. Develop strategies for carbon reduction and CDM/carbon-credit exchange
  11. Provide specialised training in NERC’s areas of expertise
  12. Specialized and accredited testing Laboratories for photovoltaic solar cells solar water heaters household appliances and lighting.
  13. Wind/ Solar data Measurements and analysis

Organization & staff


Number of employees

35 employees

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Walid Shahin Director

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P.O. Box 1945 Jubeiha-Amman 11941

+962 6 5338042
+962 6 5338043

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