Observatory and prospectives

MEDENER has set up an observatory dedicated to energy efficiency in the Mediterranean. Using energy and climate indicators that are common to all the countries in the northern and southern parts of the Mediterranean region, the observatory monitors developments in the energy efficiency policies of the countries in the region.
A Scenario for Energy Transition has also been designed in order to help decision-making.

Common indicators for a successful energy transition

The observatory carried out an initial MED-IEE project over a two-year period (2012-2014), led by a national team in each country. The pilot phase, focusing on four countries (Algeria, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia). A second phase concerns other countries, with advanced indicators, in particular on the climate. An update is currently being done.

Energy efficiency is one of the pillars of energy and climate policies. Management of energy demand helps reduce energy dependence and the share of government budgets dedicated to subsidizing energy use.

In this context, identifying opportunities for energy efficiency to develop national energy efficiency plans and to monitor changes in energy performance from a macro-economic point of view, by sector, branch or target group takes on a strategic importance.

Evaluating the impact of policies and the understanding of trends in energy demand makes it possible to measure the progress made by public policies. This makes it possible to suggest the targeting of new measures to initiate the energy transition process.

To meet these goals, the development of energy efficiency indicators at country or regional level is an important opportunity which also facilitates national and regional comparisons.

A regional approach

MEDENER’s approach aims to develop a database of indicators of energy efficiency in each country. By sharing information and experiences, energy management agencies will increase their skills and enhance their assistance role.

The method is based on the European Union experience acquired in the framework of the ODYSEE-MURE project, as well as the Mediterranean countries’ experience evaluating the final energy consumption of various sectors by type of use.


  • Four national databases of energy efficiency indicators
  • A regional database of energy efficiency indicators for nine countries North and South of the Mediterranean
  • Key energy efficiency indicators for nine countries (public access)
  • Reports analysing energy efficiency trends in the Mediterranean countries
  • National reports on energy efficiency indicators: Algeria, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia

A work has also been conducted in partnership with the OME to define a 2040 energy transition scenario. This work was presented at the MedCOP in Tangiers in 2016 and at the 4th MEDENER International Conference, “Accelerating the Energy Transition in the Mediterranean, towards a new sustainable energy mix”, organized in partnership with the Agency Promotion and Rationalization of Energy Use (APRUE), in May 2016, Algiers.

MED-IEE Regional Datamapper