ENEA - National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development | Italy

Identity Sheet

Date of establisment

September 2009, pursuant to Law no. 99 July 23, 2009 and inheriting all the expertise, skills and capability from the prior research bodies (1952 CNRN (National Committee for Nuclear Research) 1952, 1960 CNEN (National Committee for Nuclear Energy), 1982 ENEA (National Committee for Research and Development of Nuclear and Alternative Energy))

Supervisor Ministry

Ministry of Economic Development

Statute Institution

Public Institution and National Research Agency


Research and Development

  •  Energy Efficiency

Support to Public Administration, Information and Training
Advanced Technologies for Energy and Industry

  • Renewable Energy Sources

Concentrated Solar Thermal Energy
Biomass and Biofuels
Solar Thermal Energy at low and medium temperatures
Hydrogen, Fuel Cells
Energy Storage Systems

  • Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Fusion
Nuclear Fission

  • Climate and the Environment

Environmental Characterization
Prevention and Recovery
Environmental Technologies
Energy and Environmental Modelling
Marine environment
Sustainable Development
Antarctic Expeditions and Research in Polar Areas

  • Safety and Human Health

Seismic Protection
Radiation Biology and Human Health
Radiation Protection
Metrology of Ionizing Radiation

  • New Technologies

Materials Technologies
Radiation Applications
Sustainable Development and Innovation of the Agro-Industrial System

  • Electric System Research

Studies and research, under a Programme Agreement with the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, aimed at innovating the National Electric System to make it cheaper, safer and more environmentally-friendly.

Organization & staff

National organization with branches throughout the whole country: i.e. 1 Rome Headquarters, 9 Research Centres,  5 Laboratories, Territorial Office and 1 ENEA – EU Liaison Office in Brussels, endowed with a wide range of expertise, advanced facilities and instruments put at the disposal of both the ENEA research programmes and the Nation’s scientific and entrepreneurial communities.

Number of employees

2 534 in 2016

See the organisational structure 



Federico Testa Chairman

Tullio Fanelli Deputy Director General

Medener contacts

Roberta Boniotti MEDENER Secretary General
+32 2 5120448

Giorgio Graditi MEDENER President
+39 06 30484119

Contact information

Mailing address
European Union and International Organizations (COM-UEIN)
Rue de Namur 72-74 - 1000 Brussels (Belgium)

+32 2 5120448

Energy consumption
Tonnes CO2 equivalent
7,3 t tCO2
en 2013
tCO2 / inhabitant