Visions and missions

By 2030, the demand for energy in the Mediterranean region will be three times higher than today. For a successful energy transition, a massive improvement in energy efficiency and the development of renewable energy are crucial.

Three times more energy by 2030 in response to the economic and demographic growth of the Mediterranean region

  • Strong population growth

45% more inhabitants

Three times as many cities of over 1 million inhabitants

Around 42 million dwellings necessary

  • Significant energy goals

Currently, 90% of the final energy demand is covered by fossil fuels

30 to 50% of all energy consumption is due to the residential sector

Need for nearly
200,000 eco-friendly jobs

Medener, a Mediterranean platform for the success of the energy transition

Its goals are to:

  • Ensure project quality by developing common standards, labels, tool and methods
  • Organise capacity building for MEDENER members and partners with a view to streamlining investments
  • Establish synergies in the national discussions between institutional and private actors and promote dialog between all stakeholders (institutions, civil society, private sector)
  • Support the implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects using MEDENER’s collective expertise to identify and qualify these projects, identify best practices and disseminate lessons learnt
  • Create an interface with public and private actors in the Mediterranean region to facilitate the implementation of energy and sustainable urban development projects

The strength of an interconnected network of experts

Goal 30% greater
energy efficiency by 2040
1,000 experts
available within MEDENER
of projects implemented each year by our members
Each year,
1 major conference
dedicated to cooperation for the energy transition in the Mediterranean region