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Tutelage of Ministry

Ministry of Energy, Mines and Sustainable Development


National Agency


The Moroccan Agency for Energy Efficiency – AMEE is a strategic public institution, whose mission is to contribute to the implementation of the national energy policy, aiming at the reduction of energy dependence and the preservation of environment, through democratization and promotion of energy efficiency measures.

The vision of AMEE is to become a leading energy efficiency agency, a hub of excellence and a crossroads between institutional, civil society, private sector and national and international cooperation.



The main role is the implementation and coordination of energy efficiency programs; it also proposes national plan and sectoral and regional plans for energy efficiency development;

It monitors, coordinates and supervises development actions in the field of energy efficiency; As well as awareness and promotion;

The AMEE is also responsible for monitoring and coordinating the conduct of energy audits and supporting the implementation of their recommendations;

AMEE also plays an important role in raising awareness and promoting energy efficiency measures, cooperation and communication.

Organization & staff

HQ : Rabat

Marrakesh region department: Green Platform, test laboratory.

Number of employees

120 employees

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Said Mouline general Director

Sonia Mezzour General Secretary

Medener contacts

Mme Fadwa ELATRACH Head of cooperation and communication

Contact information

Mailing address
Espace les Patios 1er Etage, Angle Av Anakhil et Av Ben Barka
Hay Riad
Rabat, Maroc

05 37 28 73 53
05 37 71 79 29

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