Energy and Water Agency | Malta

Identity Sheet

Date of creation :

Originally established in 2014 as the Sustainable Energy and Water Unit, The Energy and Water Agency is a Government Agency established via LN 340/2016.


Tutelage and Ministry :

Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise


Status : Governmental Agency


The Energy and Water Agency dedicates a significant share of its resources to the annual execution of planned budgetary and manifesto measures, together with the carrying out of the respective EU Acquis. This means the implementation of legislation and policies related to:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Electricity and gas security of supply
  • The internal energy market
  • Water demand management
  • Sustainability of the water supply-base

Furthermore, as part of its portfolio, the Agency is also responsible for the development and implementation of the National Energy and Climate Plan and the national River Basin Management Plan

Organization & staff

Budget 2018 : €3.4 million

Number of employees




Manuel Sapiano Chief Executive Officer

Medener contacts

Henry Debattista
+356 2229 2525

Contact information

Mailing address
Pinto Business Centre, Triq il-Mithna, Qormi – QRM3104

+356 22292558

460 300 inhabitants (2017)
Energy consumption
1.78 TOE / inhabitant
Tons oil equivalent / inhabitant
Tonnes CO2 equivalent
4.16 tCO2
en 2016
tCO2 / inhabitant
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