Energy and Water Agency | Malta

Identity Sheet

Date of creation :

The Energy & Water Agency was established in 2014 originally as the Sustainable Energy & Water Conservation Unit, within the Ministry for Energy and Water Management


Tutelage and Ministry :

Ministry for Energy and Water Management


Status : Governmental Agency


Its role is to design, implement and disseminate policy in the fields of water, conventional energy and alternative energy

Mission :

  • Oversees the transposition of energy legislation and the implementation of the Renewable Energy Directive and Energy Efficiency Directive
  •  Leading the development of the National Energy and Climate Plan 2021-2030
  •  Develops in-house energy models to assess impact of policy measures

EWA is entrusted with the direct running of key national projects and the empowerment of key stakeholders to implement projects such as:

  • Malta-Italy Gas Pipeline Interconnection
  • Communal Solar PV Farms
  • Street Lighting Conversion into LED Technology
  • Għajn – the National Water Conservation Awareness Centre
  • Valley Rehabilitation Projects

The Energy & Water Agency is crucial in providing the necessary technical support to the Ministry for Energy and Water Management during negotiations of EU legislative proposals.

Organization & staff

Budget 2018 : €3.4 million

Number of employees




Manuel Sapiano Chief Executive Officer

Medener contacts

Kimberly Cutajar
+367 2229 2525

Contact information

Mailing address
WSC Buildings, Qormi Road, Luqa

+356 22292558

460 300 inhabitants (2017)
Energy consumption
1.78 TOE / inhabitant
Tons oil equivalent / inhabitant
Tonnes CO2 equivalent
4.16 tCO2
en 2016
tCO2 / inhabitant
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