Our partners

With its participation in working groups, regional projects and platforms, MEDENER cooperates with a network of very diverse public and private partners throughout the Mediterranean region.

Initiatives taken with these public and private partners aim to facilitate the energy transition in the Mediterranean region by promoting investment projects, spreading best practices and adapting methods focused on themes of common interest.

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Centre for Mediterranean Integration (CMI) | Institutionnels

DEFISMED | Sociétés civiles

MEDENER and DEFISMED cooperate to highlight best practices in the promotion of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in the area of sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean region.

European Commission | Bailleurs et Banques

Many projects (sustainable cities, training, solar energy etc.) financed by the European Commission are piloted by MEDENER members.

European Investment Bank | Bailleurs et Banques

French Development Agency | Bailleurs et Banques

French Global Environment Fund (FFEM) | Bailleurs et Banques

FFEM supports projects managed by MEDENER members, particularly in the set-up of high-performance buildings and skill-boosting.

German Cooperation | Institutionnels

Mediterranean Energy Observatory (OME) | Entreprises

MEDENER and OME have been cooperating for nearly 20 years with the set-up of common projects, studies and publications focusing on best practices in terms of promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy in the Mediterranean region as well as a shared vision for 2030 with the development of scenarios aimed at encouraging the energy transition.

Mediterranean Institute for the Promotion of Renewable Energy Sources | Entreprises

MEDENER has been a member of the IMEDER network since 2005, promoting closer ties between institutions, businesses and the education sector in the framework of joint projects and regional event organisations.

Plan Bleu | Institutionnels

MEDENER is participating in the development of the new Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development (MSSD) implemented by Plan Bleu.

Regional centre for the promotion of energy efficiency and renewable energy | Institutionnels

A MoU has been signed in 2017 for implementing projects and building fruitful collaborations.

Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean | Institutionnels

MEDENER participates alongside the Secretariat in developing different working groups dedicated to energy and the climate, underscoring the importance of energy efficiency and low-power renewable energy.

The Mediterranean World Economic Foresight Institute (IPEMED) | Entreprises

IPEMED and MEDENER have set up a working group dedicated to energy efficiency and focused on the issue of the job market and training for this sector in the Mediterranean region.

United Nations Development Programme | Bailleurs et Banques

United Nations Environment Program | Bailleurs et Banques