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MEDENER is the Mediterranean Association of National Agencies for Energy Management. It brings together agencies in the Mediterranean region in charge of energy efficiency and the promotion of renewable energy sources, two key conditions for the success of the energy transition.



In 1997, due to the need for stronger cooperation for the promotion of energy efficiency and renewable energy in the Mediterranean region, MEDENER was created in Tunis in the form of an international non-profit organisation. Today, it brings together 12 national agencies from the northern and southern banks of the Mediterranean.

With regard to future expansion, the organisation aims to eventually include other countries such as Turkey and Egypt. It is open to any national organisation that implements energy-related and environmental policies.

The organisation is registered in Madrid at the headquarters of the agency IDAE (Spain).  The secretariat is currently handled by its members, which hold the presidency on a rotating basis.

Since October 2017, ENEA (Italy) is handling presidency for a two-year period, succeeding to ANME (Tunisia) (2014-2016) and ADEME (France), which held the role from 2012 to 2014.

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A decisive actor in the energy transition

MEDENER promotes regional projects related to energy efficiency and renewable energy development:

  • The association facilitates the sharing of experiences, know-how and best practices among its members and international partners.
  • It accelerates the transfer of skills, methods and technologies in the area of energy efficiency and renewable energy.
  • It assists countries in the Mediterranean region with the design and implementation of energy management policies.

MEDENER, a regional expertise platform, supports projects such as:

  • Increasing the skills of actors in the construction sector in the Mediterranean
  • Setting up common standards for energy displays
  • Managing a Mediterranean platform for monitoring energy efficiency indicators

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Naples Declaration establishing MEDENER’s role in implementing the Euro-Mediterranean platform for energy efficiency and renewable energy
Naples Declaration - PDF 123 Ko
Rabat Declaration establishing the creation of MEDENER’s permanent secretariat
Set-up of the Mediterranean Energy Management Observatory using all the databases of all MEDENER’s national teams
Launch of the Mediterranean Solar Energy Plan Barcelona Declaration marking MEDENER’s support for the launch of the Mediterranean Solar Energy Plan in the framework of the Union for the Mediterranean

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Participation as member in the MED-ENEC project focused on sustainable construction in the Mediterranean
Creation of MEDENER to bring together national energy conservation agencies in the Mediterranean region MEDENER was founded in a context of cooperation in the Mediterranean region initiated by the Euro-Mediterranean Ministerial Conference, which took place in November 1995 in Barcelona.
Launch of MEDENER’s first project (on solar performance guarantee), shared by all the agencies