ADEME - French Agency for Environment and Energy Management | France

Identity Sheet

Date of creation

1992 : Merger between AFME (French Energy Management Agency), ANRED (National Waste Agency) and AQUA (National Air Quality Agency).

Tutelage and Ministry

French Ministry of the Environment, Sustainable Development and Energy and the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research

Institution status

National governmental agency


The Environment and Energy Management Agency is responsible for implementing public policies in the areas of the environment, energy and sustainable development.


ADEME provides expertise and advising to businesses, local authorities and communities, government bodies and the general public to help them establish and consolidate their environmental approach. As a part of its work, it also provides assistance with project financing, from research to implementation, in the following areas: waste management, soil preservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy, air quality and the fight against noise pollution.

Since 2010, ADEME has been responsible for implementing “Investments for the Future” programmes (also known as “Programme of Investments for the Future”), which are dedicated to financing for green innovations, by supporting pre-industrial experiments and projects involving renewable energy and “green” chemistry, carbon-free vehicles, smart networks and circular economy.

Organization & staff

26 regional branches, three offices in France’s overseas territories, 1 office in Brussels


€705 million in 2014

Number of employees


See the organisational structure 



François Moisan Executive Director of Research and International

Dominique Campana Director of the International Affairs

Francois Greaume Head of International Geographic Unit

Medener contacts

Alicia Tsitsikalis Project Manager Mediterranean region

Contact information

Mailing address
Direction Action Internationale
Agence de l'Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l'Énergie

27 rue Louis Vicat
75737 Paris Cedex 15

Energy consumption
Tonnes CO2 equivalent
5,0 tCO2
tCO2 / inhabitant