ADENE - Portuguese Energy Agency | Portugal

Identity Sheet

Date of creation

2000, successor of CCE (Energy Conservation Centre), created in 1984

Tutelage and Ministry

Secretary of State for Energy for Energy of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Action


Private non-profit association recognised as a public interest institution


ADENE, the Portuguese Energy Agency is a private non-profit association, recognised as a public interest institution, with the mission to develop and enforce activities under public policies, to promote the efficient use of energy and water, by all and every day, contributing to a more sustainable society.

ADENE´s vision is to be the centre of excellence for the energy transition, mobilizer of citizens and institutions, towards a more competitive, sustainable and low-carbon economy.


ADENE manages the National Buildings Energy Performance Certification System (SCE), the National Intensive Energy Consumption Management System (SGCIE), the Energy Supplier Switching Operator Platform (Poupa Energia), the Energy Efficiency Program for Public Administration (Eco.AP), training and capacity building programs for professionals on energy and water efficiency (Academia ADENE) and the National Energy Observatory.

ADENE participates in collaborative R&D innovation projects on energy and water efficiency, water-energy nexus and circular economy and in national and international networks of organizations with a similar mission.

Organization & staff

National association, partner to local and regional energy agencies


€15 million in 2018

Number of employees

150 employees

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Dr. Nelson Lage Chairman of the Board of Directors

Medener contacts

Luís Silva Head of Cooperation and Institutional Affairs
+351 964794636

Contact information

Mailing address
ADENE - Agência para a Energia
Avenue 5 de Outubro, 208 – 2nd floor
1050-065 LISBOA

+351 214722800
+351 214722898

Energy consumption
Tonnes CO2 equivalent
6,66 tCO2
en 2015
tCO2 / inhabitant
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