The projects implemented are among the regional programmes in the area of energy efficiency and renewable energy aimed at promoting sustainable development in cities and territories.

MEDENER and its members participate in different types of landmark projects in the Mediterranean region, helping:

  • Strengthen the role of institutions
  • Carry out projects on the basis of innovative financing mechanisms
  • Adapt and develop methods and tools in the construction, transport and industry sectors
  • Increase the skills of actors in sustainable urban development

1 | Institutional support

2 | Energy investment project

  • Assistance for a programme of 600 high-energy-performance dwellings (Algeria)
  • Distribution of low-consumption light bulbs and elimination of incandescent light bulbs in the Mediterranean
  • Introduction of an energy performance label in the construction sector – GRASS (Lebanon)
  • Photovoltaic energy connected to the network assisted by demand-side management software (Lebanon)
  • Promotion of solar water heaters – PROSOL (Tunisia)
  • Renovations to improve heat efficiency in residential and commercial buildings – PROMO-ISOL (Tunisia)

3 | Tools and methods

  • Set-up of an observatory for energy efficiency for the Mediterranean – MED-IEE
  • Reference tool for an eco-label promoting sustainable tourism – SHMILE II
  • Set-up of a solar thermal energy guarantee in the Mediterranean basin – AESTM

4 | Capacity building

  • Set-up of spaces offering information about energy management – PIME (Tunisia, Morocco)
  • Set-up of sustainable urban planning tools – CES-MED
  • Promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency through microfinance – FREEME
  • Support to local authorities for effective energy management – MENA Awards (Morocco, Tunisia)