ALMEE - Lebanese Energy Management and Environment Association | Lebanon

Identity Sheet

Date of creation


Tutelage and Ministry

Ministry of the Interior


Non-governmental organisation


ALMEE, the Lebanese Energy Management and Environment Association, is involved in a wide range of activities linked to sustainable practices and environmental issues. This politically independent non-profit association works for better management of projects and technologies linked to energy and the environment, not only in Lebanon but also in the Mediterranean Basin and the rest of the world.


Develop, increase and promote scientific methods and resources for contributing to better management of energy and related economic policies, including:

  • Sources of renewable energy (solar, wind, biomass, hydraulics, wood etc.)
  • Techniques for improving energy efficiency (insulation, glass, heating, air conditioning etc.)
  • Techniques for reducing waste associated with energy production and industrial processes such as cogeneration.

For over two decades, ALMEE has been cooperating with local, regional and international partners (governments, multilateral institutions of civil society and the private sector etc.) to raise awareness among the public, support calls for more sustainable policies and practices in terms of energy and the environment, support projects and promote this sector’s enormous growth potential.

Organization & staff

Number of employees

5 employees



Said Chehab President

Hassan Jaber Vice president

Medener contacts

Said Chehab President
+961 1383908

Contact information

Mailing address
Furn el Chebbak, Beirut, Lebanon
POBOX: 155365

+961 1383908
+961 1385043

Energy consumption
Tonnes CO2 equivalent
1,7 tCO2
tCO2 / inhabitant
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