ANME presents final results from Tunisian building energy study
11 December 2020

An important increase of energy consumption to be observed...

A national workshop was organized on 10th September 2020, in partnership with the German Development Agency GIZ, the UN’s Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ECWAS), to present the final results from a study to assess the basic energy situation of buildings in Tunisia.

The study examined in detail the various energy consumption items (air conditioning, heating, lighting, refrigeration, office equipment…) in both private and public residential and office buildings.

The data collected was used to draw up a map of electricity consumption in Tunisia’s public buildings. For 2017, total electricity consumption for the residential sector as a whole has been calculated at 5176.2 GWh (13.07 KWh per m² over the year), an increase of 27% compared to 2014. Refrigeration comes top of the list (30.3% of the total), followed by air conditioning (22.2% against 3.4% in 2004) and television sets (17.2% against 21.16% in 2004)

The potential for energy efficiency applied across all the public buildings surveyed as part of the assignment amounts to 39,667 TEP, 21% of public sector consumption and 2.4% of services sector consumption.

The results of this study will supplement the data collected by the UNDA project “Up-scaling energy efficiency in the residential and services sectors in the Arab Region”.