Brief- Three Tunisian-Italian programmes underway
13 February 2019

Old refrigerator (flikr)

The second meeting of the Tunisian-Italian Joint Committee, held on 5th December, 2018, via a video link-up, saw the launch of three joint programmes. Firstly, the Tunisian ANME and Italian ENEA are setting up a financing scheme, Promo-Isol, to help promote roof insulation in existing residential buildings or in buildings under construction in Tunisia. Next, the two partners intend creating a unit specialized in testing lighting for compliance and energy efficiency. Lastly, the Tunisian-Italian Joint Committee has given its go-ahead for the financing of Promo-Frigo, a project that aims to replace 400,000 Tunisian refrigerators more than 10 years old with newer, category 1 or 2 appliances.