Italian energy efficiency on agenda at European Parliament
1 October 2018

Annual report on Energy efficiency (source : ENEA)

In July, 2018, the president of the ENEA Federico Testa presented his 7th annual report on energy efficiency (AREE), published in June, to the European Parliament. For the Italian Minster for Economic Development Davide Crippa, attending the event in Brussels, energy efficiency is one of the cornerstones of Italian energy policy. He says Italy must increase its commitment to reinforce its leadership role in the European Union and draw up a road map for energy efficiency targets, with the aim of going beyond the objectives set out by Europe.


The report presents the state of progress of national policies and the results obtained in Italy. The ENEA was able to assess the systemic impact of incentives on renovation projects, showing that they continue to have an influence on innovation, development, production and the spread of technologies in the energy efficiency market within the construction sector. Thanks to the “Ecobonus” incentive, Italian families invested €3.7bn in 2017, resulting in a saving of 1300GWh per year. Over that year, 80% of investment concerned buildings dating from before the 1980s.


The document goes on to report, among other things, the “financial incentives, coupled with legislation, now represent a vital addition to compulsory standards and labelling policies. This is accelerating the introduction of energy-saving products with better efficiency than is required by existing standards.”

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