The energy transition of buildings in Algeria, at the heart of an ADEME / APRUE conference, 22/01/2019
24 March 2019

The 3rd edition of the APRUE / ADEME Annual Conference on the Energy Transition in Buildings, held in Algiers on 22/01/2019, brought together about a hundred participants (Ministries, building professionals). It provided an update on the progress of technical exchanges between the two agencies, and the implementation of their joint roadmap on energy efficiency in buildings. The actions carried out in 2018 focused on the social housing sector, seeking in particular to strengthen the capacity of Algerian professionals to implement the regulatory framework recommended by the application of the DTR rules (training owners and masters construction of specifications for new construction including more and better energy efficiency constraints, etc.). New actions will be carried out in 2019, in particular to create a label on the energy performance of buildings, and to constitute a suitable device for financing EE investments (green credit system). On the occasion of this conference, the MEDENER regional cooperation actions could be presented (by Mr Dario Chello, President of MEDENER).