Launching of the Community of Practice in Urban Transport in the Mediterranean region
16 June 2016

During the European exhibition on public transport, which takes place from June 14th to 16th in Paris, the Centre for Mediterranean Integration has introduced the Community of Practise in Urban Transport to organise and facilitate the sharing of knowledge.

In the Mediterranean region the urbanisation rate in 2000 was 64%, for 2025 it could reach 75%. In view of a combination of several factors such as the quick rise of inhabitants, urban sprawl and the strong demand for mobility, the Mediterranean basin’s countries have to develop active modes of moving (walking, biking…) and a quality public transport network to increase their competitiveness and gain in quality of life by decreasing the greenhouse gas emission.

The Community of Practise is based on the Sustainable Urban Transport programme of the Centre for Mediterranean Integration (CMI). The latter aims at supporting the elaboration of policies for elaboration and the arrangement of integrated urban transport system, considered as a key element for a more sustainable urban and territorial development.

This Community has been created to respond to the exchange and cooperation need from the Mediterranean region. This a tool designs to stimulate interactions between researcher, local decision-maker and professional from transport field in order to work on commune construction of adapted solutions to each context and as much as possible transferable. It should allow also writing a shared resources folder on experiences, means and tools to inspire new solutions.

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