MEDENER President illustrating the meetMED approach to energy transition last week in Beirut
7 November 2018

Last week, Dr Dario Chello, president of MEDENER, was invited in Beirut by ALMEE (the Lebanese Association for Energy Saving and Environment) to discuss the meetMED approach to energy transition on the occasion of the Plenary Session of the 4th International Conference on Renewable Energies for Developing countries (REDEC 2018). In particular, he stressed that:

  • Nowadays, multilateralism lacks a solid support;
  • Despite this, the two main challenges in the Euro-Mediterranean Region – climate change and migration – cannot be faced easily at the national level;
  • The undesired effects of climate change increase more and more everyday and there is no much time left to act;
  • The completion of a free market for energy requires a significant amount of time.

The EU internal market was launched in 1993 after 10 years spent setting it up. After 35 years, this market is now working properly enough but unfortunately, we cannot wait 35 years more for the completion of a broader Euro-Mediterranean market. Time to act is running out;

  • Conversely, meetMED is trying to speed up energy transition in the region as much as possible thanks to a multilateral and pragmatic approach, aiming at fostering immediate actions independently from the legislative and regulatory framework of each State.


Please, download Dr Chello’s full presentation here.

For further information about the Conference, please visit REDEC 2018 website.