Organization of a training seminar Energy Efficiency in the building.
1 June 2015

MEDENER in partnership with ADEME and CEFEB organized from June 1 to 3 training seminar in the field of building energy efficiency with a focus on social housing.

About 450 million people live between the two shores of the Mediterranean and consume each year nearly 1000 Mtoe of primary energy, or 8% of global demand. The building represents the first sector and the second after transport for fossil fuels. Despite progress since over 20 years in developing countries, the lack of regulatory control in this area is a real challenge for the region. Also to compensate for population growth and existing housing, a need for 42 million new housing should be considered by 2030 which would lead to nearly 40% increase in fossil energy scenario according to a laissez-faire. Social housing also represents a particular challenge requiring reconcile performance building and moderate cost. MEDENER has organized a training session that brought together policy makers, national organizations, architects and design office from 4 countries (Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Lebanon). The group also develop a roadmap for energy efficiency in the building sector, which was presented at a workshop of 21 MEDCOP.