ACTE programme – A driver for Tunisian cities’ energy transition
1 October 2018

Urban mobility as a great challenge in Tunisia ( source : F. Dubessy)

After two years of preparatory work, the ANME is now deploying its ACTE (Alliance des Communes pour la Transition Energétique) program across Tunisia. ACTE provides cities and towns with support in energy planning, setting up projects, carrying out preliminary studies, implementation and project follow-up. The Rev’ACTE project (Réseau de Villes Alliées pour le Climat et la Transition Energétique) serves as a back up to this programme. Rev’ACTE aims at developing a network of Tunisian towns committed to energy transition, enhancing technical and managerial skills, transfering know-how between local authorities. It also leads to the development and better use of tools and the designing of a regional platform for exchanges for Tunisia.

“The actions supported as part of the ACTE programme include not only local energy management (e.g. public street and building lighting, fleets) but also -since the local elections in May, 2018,- sustainable management of the local area, in particular urban mobility and household waste recycling,” says the ANME.

The setting up of a credit line for local authorities by the Fonds de Transition Energétique (FTE) will enable, from 2018 onwards, the financing of studies and local investment relating to energy management. Starting October, 2018, the ACTE programme and its financial scheme will receive a substantial grant from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (€3M over three years).