Launching of Mediterranean Climate Change Adaptation Awards
12 December 2018

At the opening of COP24, Mediterranean stakeholders are invited to promote their actions on climate change adaptation.

Promote your actions ! Call for initiatives

ADEME and its partners, The Union for the Mediterranean, Plan Bleu, the AViTeM, MEDENER and the RCREEE have launched the second édition within the AFRICITIES Summint on november 22th 2018.


A concourse to encourage territories to adapt to climate change.

These awards are targeting all stakehodlers in Mediterranean countries engaged in ecological transition and adaptation actions :  local and national authorities, public univesrities or reasearch centers, NGOs and private sector in coastal, urban or rural areas. The objective is to promote and disseminate best practices to encourage decision makers to take into account adaptation issues in planning.



Climate change Adaptation, a priority for Mediterranean Region

Mediteranean Region is indeed facing huge climate change impacts. Until the end of the century, Mediterranean area will loose its biodiversity, an average increase of temperatures from 3 to 5 degrees, a deacrease of rainfalls from 25% in northern bank to 35% in southern bank and a sea level rise from 20 up to 60 cm. Considered as a “hot spot”, mediterranean area will be exposed to new tensions and risks.

Cities, rural and coastal areas are already engaged in finding solutions for mitigation but also for adaptation. They include risks analysis in designing their infrastructures, they promote nature based solutions, they elaborate new tools and instruments for measuring vulnerabilities. These practices need to be promoted at a larger scale.

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