Morocco: ADEME and ADEREE renewed their agreement
17 August 2015

ADEME and its Moroccan partners have a long tradition of exchanges (over 20 years), with an early focus on access to energy cooperation (with the Renewable Energy Development Centre (CDER) in Morocco) and since 2010 extended to energy efficiency (with the National Agency for the Development of Renewable Energy and energy Efficiency (ADEREE) in Morocco). This agreement is the first renewal of the agreement with ADEREE in April 2010.

With over 95% of the energy consumed is imported, the Kingdom of Morocco is very dependent on the outside for energy supplies. The proactive energy efficiency policy conducted by ADEREE since its creation in 2010 and clearly aims to reduce the Moroccan energy dependence. The recent creation of the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Division within the Ministry of Energy, Mines, Water and Environment (MEMEE) ) also responds to the emergency. The Moroccan Solar Plan provides in particular limit the national energy consumption (12% expected improvement in energy efficiency) and increase by 2 GWh the use of solar energy by 2020.

France is in turn engaged in an energy transition process to guarantee a more diversified energy model, more balanced and participatory, and setting very ambitious 40% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in 2030 , increase the share of renewable energy to 32% of final energy consumption for that year, and division by 2 energy consumption by 2050.

The new agreement is expected to continue, while strengthening the actions taken today. The strength of this cooperation lies in its sustainable building. The petition filed by ADEREE with the European authorities late in 2014 to obtain a twinning Phase 2, is also in this perspective.

The preferred shares by the new agreement will mainly concern support for the ADEREE communication strategy (for the adoption of a graphic and the establishment of a press club), further actions on the observatories and indicators by expanding the database “energy” to “carbon” data, continued Jiha Tinou Phase 2, the joint organization of a major national seminar on energy efficiency in buildings, and the launch of various actions on the transport sector as the recent States General Energy Efficiency were identified as the first energy consumer and CO2 emitter sector in Morocco.