MEDENER, a Euro-Mediterranean platform for the success of the energy transition
23 February 2016

On February 10, MEDENER, the Mediterranean Association of National Agencies for the development of energy efficiency and renewable energy, organized its General Assembly, at the representative office of its Italian member, ENEA in Brussels.

ANME, National Agency for Energy Management in Tunisia saw on that occasion extended his mandate for one year Presidency.

It was also an opportunity to take a rich balance sheet for 2015 and to present the 2016 outlook to accelerate the energy transition in the Mediterranean region.

2015 Report

This year 2015 marks a turning point for MEDENER, who was entrusted the coordination of the Union for the Mediterranean Platform on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, co-chaired by the European Commission and the Jordan, in partnership with RCREEE (Regional Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy efficiency) and RES4MED (Association for Renewable Energy solutions in the Mediterranean).

MEDENER has developed a work program to:

  1. 1. Develop an observatory by the establishment of indicators to measure energy efficiency and renewable energy, called MED-IEE to monitor energy policies.
  2. 2. Establishment of an resource center tools, methods and guides to good practices illustrating the monitoring and implementation of the legislative and regulatory framework of national plans for EE and RE (NEEAP and NREAP).
  3. 3. Engage the private sector in financing projects accompanying the energy transition in the Mediterranean.
  4. 4. Strengthen public awareness and the development of the capacity-building of stakeholders and notably in the building sector, representing over 40% of energy consumption in the Mediterranean.
  5. 5. Develop a methodological approach for energy audits of SME acting in the euro Mediterranean region
  6. 6. Develop energy transition scenarios for the deployment of energy efficiency and renewable energy in the Mediterranean region.

Rich of enhanced cooperation and expanded in 2015, MEDENER, with the support of ADEME has worked to build a scenario for the energy transition by 2040 with the expertise of OME (Mediterranean Observatory energy) structured around three ambitious objectives :

  • 30% reduction in energy demand compared to a conservative scenario
  • an energy mix of 28% renewable energy 
  • a reducing emissions by 39% over the region Mediterranean

So many partnerships, including with developed CEFEB (AFD training center), were used to develop a roadmap on the capacity building  of the actors of the building sector including social housing represents one of the priorities for action . Regional workshops were also organized with the participation of four countries: Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Lebanon.

2015 finally saw an evolution of statutes MEDENER which led, first by the establishment of a real secretariat now provides the interface with regional partners and donors and secondly, by developing communication tools in particular, its new website.

2016 Prospects

In 2016, according to the goal of accelerating the energy transition in the region, MEDENER activity will result in the official launch of the EE & RE platform (in the first half of the year) and the implementation of key actions:

  • strengthening the observatory MED-IEE,
  • quantification of the scenario for the energy transition,
  • accompanying Mediterranean communities
  • organizing training workshops dedicated to the design and financing of operations for the sector the building
  • organizing of the 4th international conference for the energy transition scheduled in Algiers on May 25, milestone point before the organization of the next conference for the climate, COP 22, in November, in Marrakech, Morocco.